This short course “Introduction to ODK For Mobile phone Data Collection” is intended to train persons wishing to learn the alternative to paper data collection using a mobile phone.. This course is 95% practical and can be completed within 30 days from date of enrollment.

Awarding Institution:

Kampala Virtual Education Institute :

Taught by: Mr. Moses M. Mwebaze


This course can be taken by all persons. However, workers  with NGOs, Gov't, Business in the field of survey research, research academicians, Data managers and students carrying out research, stand to benefit most.


For any communication, do not hesitate to send an email to” or better still, send a whatsApp message on +256704905913 (Always start your message with “Odk class”)

Course Description:

In this course, learners will acquire knowledge and skills on how to use a smartphone to collect data from the field and send it automatically to the data center even before leaving the field. Interesting-isn’t it?  This will include installing and configuring the necessary software, creating the forms, setup a database and connecting the components to achieve on the task. (Step by step instructions & demos)

Learning Outcome:

·         Learners will be able to explain the importance of mobile data collection over traditional paper collection.

·         Understand the advantages and disadvantages of collecting data using Open data kit (ODK) technology.

·         Install Odk software components (on Googleapp and/or local server)

·         Configure Java, Odk Aggregator  with Google Apps (Online)

·         Configure Java, Odk Aggregator with Xamp server (Offline)

·         Build a simple form with a Odk build

·         Export the form to be used on smart phone

·         Build a complex form with xlsForm using excel spreadsheets

·         Collect data and send to database (online/offline)

Topics by Week:

Topic 1: Introduction to Data collection with mobile phone

Topic 2: Understanding the role of software involved

Topic 3: Setup & Configuration 1 (for use with GoogleApps Engine)

Topic 4: Designing & Deploying Forms

Topic 5: Testing System (Data Collection & Access)

Topic 6: Setup & Configuration II (for use with Xampp Server)