Welcome to the Free Using Moodle LMS course. This course is designed to assist you in learning how to use Moodle so that you can focus on the content that you are teaching. As such, this course is broken up into several sections to make it easy to use. Clicking on the title of the section will take you right to that section. In each section is important information. To get started, simply click on "Getting Around Moodle". 

This Course is divided into section as below;

  • Getting Around Moodle
  • Course Roles
  • Display Control
  • Profiles
  • Activities
  • Groups
  • Gradebook
  • Reports
  • Communication

We encourage all persons intending to use Moodle LMS to teach, facilitate, moderate or become a Moodle administrator to start with this course.


NB. This course is not for sale and the labelled fee is for facilitation of bringing it to you at the minimum.  Creative Commons License

You can access the course from your Smartphone or tablet after enrolling. Download the app (Moodle) from the app store or from this site on the top menu bar.