Increasingly, organizations are driven by project-related work as opposed to functional type work. The repetitive functions, things like payroll, accounting, and public relations, are becoming outsourced so that people can devote more time to the real value added work of projects. The need to change is driving much of this shift away from functional work to project work. And this can range from process improvement type projects (such as Six Sigma) to short term projects such as competitive analysis profiles. Given this increased emphasis on project related work, it is now important for everyone to fully understand how to manage projects. This short course will present the principles and practices associated with project management.

Course Designed by  Matt H. Evans,CPA, CMA, CFM 

Additional Materials: Kampala Virtual Education Institute and others

Course Description: This course provides an overview of project management, including the project life cycle and project control documents. This course is recommended for those seeking to acquire skills and knowledge in project management.


This Course is divided into  6 main topics/subunits


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • define the terms project and project management;
  • describe the project life cycle, project selection, project environment, and approval process;
  • identify the project management process groups, including:
    • initiating,
    • planning,
    • executing,
    • monitoring and controlling, and
    • closing;
  • explain the role of the project manager in initiating and completing a project;
  • explain knowledge areas, including:
    • project integration management
    • project scope management
    • project time management
    • project cost management
    • project quality management
    • project human resource management
    • project communications management
    • project risk management, and
    • project procurement management;


NB. This course is not for sale